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Ek Zuban


"This anthology bristles, not with tamed and well-behaved respectable poems, but with work that raises its spines, bares its claws, growls and whines with exquisite realisation. As Walt Whitman says: these are not the parts and poems of the body only, but of the soul. Oh I say now these are the soul!"
Dr Chris Thurgar-Dawson
This anthology offers readers a glimpse of the heteroglossic dynamics that erupted at Teesside's premier live literature event: 'The Electric Kool-Aid Cabaret. Throughout 2014-2015, a series of performance nights, workshops, literary symposiums and creative walks took place, involving poets and spoken word artists from Teesside, London, Finland, France, Denmark and Holland.
Intercity Flow @ The Electric Kool-Aid Cabaret is where cultures collide in a kaleidoscopic cauldron, where languages spark from the flints of sharp tongues, where peripheries meet the centre, and where words written for the page and for performance, slam together in a high voltage pile up of creative vivacity.

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