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‘Andy Willoughby is an urban shaman, calling on the small gods to kid us through a journey of transformation that takes us from beginnings to endings and back again. It is a mapping of the liminal space, by one of the masters of the working-class biro in a blue ink tattoo on the inside of his arm.’
Joelle Taylor
Andy Willoughby finds himself transported on a mock epic, high-octane locomotive beat journey from his native post-industrial Teesside to deepest Siberia and back again. With an improvised soundtrack of half-forgotten Irish Catholic hymns, Fenno-Ugrian magic chants, Russian folk tales and a battered old Bob Dylan cassette, Between Stations ricochets between present and past with a raggle-taggle bunch of Finnish fellow-travelling poets and the hallucinatory shades of Blake, Mayakovsky, Eisenstein and Mandelstam on a ramshackle quest for the Golden Woman of Khanty Mansiysk.
Andy Willoughby is a senior lecturer in Creative Writing at Teesside University. He co-runs The Electric Kool-Aid Cabaret and Ek Zuban press, working in community and educational settings with hard to reach groups. His other books include Tough (also published by Smokestack) and SAMPO: Heading Further North (written with Bob Beagrie). He lives in Saltburn.
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