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Esa Hirvonen

Esa Hirvonen (a.k.a Jesus of the Elk) is a legendary beat poet and traveller who has found his home in Turku. His first book, Harlem, appeared in 2001. His collection of palindromic poems Takana kapakan akat (“The Broad Back of the Bar”) was published a year later. Hirvonen cites Gregory Corso and Dan Fante as influences for his third collection, entitled The Hunger of the Urals. Hirvonen is one of the strongest and most original poetic voices of the Turku Poetry School. Fast-moving, prosaic poetry is Hirvonen’s word and life’s colour is his emphasis. His poetry has been translated into English, Estonian, Udmurt, Slovenian and Italian. As well as being an active performer, Hirvonen is the Chief Executive of the Poetry Week Association of Southwest Finland.